Derisking Subsurface Imaging

At Optic Earth, we build advanced technologies to reduce the turnaround and quantify the uncertainty of subsurface imaging, allowing energy companies to have more confidence in their seismic data.

Improving Turnaround

We combine the best of geophysics and cutting edge machine learning to vastly accelerate the processing of seismic images, giving Energy companies more time to work with their seismic data.

Quantifying Uncertainty

With our high-performance imaging algorithms, we produce thousands of plausible models of the subsurface in quick succession, allowing the positional uncertainty of production seismic to be quantified.

Embedding Human Insight

Our algorithms embed the expert insight of geoscientists over time, allowing our algorithms self improve as they encounter more data and more geological scenarios.


 Nathan Payne

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Nathan formed Optic Earth following an 8-year career with a major geophysical service provider in roles covering seismic imaging, sales, and marketing. Nathan has a passion for geoscience and is on a mission to deliver instant, de-risked seismic images.


Stephanie Earp

Co-Founder & Technical Director

Steph Co-Founded Optic Earth having recently completed her Ph.D. in machine learning methods for seismic imaging and uncertainty estimation. In addition she has 6 years of commercial experience running seismic imaging teams in the field. 


Tushar Gautam

Machine Learning Geophysicist

Tushar joins Optic Earth from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. Tushar has spent the last 2 years building commercial products at the intersection of geoscience and machine learning, including automated semblance picking and salt body interpretation.  


Wenfang Fan

Machine Learning Geophysicist

Wenfang holds a Masters in Geophysics from the Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development-Langfang, China and has recently completed an MSc in Data Science from the RGU in Aberdeen. 

In partnership with

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Let's work together

We are an ambitious team of geophysicists and machine learning engineers on a mission to revolutionise the way we process and evaluate seismic images for the Energy and Engineering community.

Our current areas of development are in automated and instantaneous depth velocity model building and image uncertainty estimation. If you are interested in working with us to deploy new imaging technologies in your organisation, please get in touch via the form here, contact Nathan through his LinkedIn page above.

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